Thursday, February 7, 2008

Catch Up 2/7/8

It has been awhile since my last post, I went to a lot of games but have only a few pictures. Starting with the most recent below; On 1/14/8 Kobe 'Black Mamba(?)' Bryant hit this shot with just a few seconds left to beat the Supes in a 123-121 shootout. Notice Kwame Brown under the basket, have you noticed Kwame is no longer wearing the Laker's purp? I feel bad for the guy, not only was he drafted #1 MJ pulled the trigger on the deal, I'm just glad it wasn't my job to meet those expectations. Brown was dealt to the Grizz for former All Star Pau Gasol, now the Lakers are back on the championship prowl after the Spansih addition and will be playing at the Key on more time 2/24/8.

12/21/7, I remember leaving this game disappointed with Chris Bosh (below, with ball) and the Raptors, the Supes won 115-123. I was very impressed with the turnout of Raptor fans, lots of jerseys and tees, only reason I can think of for that is Seattle's proximity to the Canadian border. In the 2nd half Kevin Durant had the nastiest dunk I've seen in-person since USC/Wiz's Nick Young 2006 at Mac Court in Eugene.

Sadly this is the best pic I have from Boston's 12/27/7 trip to Seattle. Pre-game Ray Allen was recognized for his contributions to the community during his brief Seattle stint. Most memorable moment; in the 2nd half KG was fouled hard and knocked down to the floor but the guy is a warrior on the court and led his team to 104-96 victory. Most forgetful moment; Paul Pierce, a career loser scores 37 points.

12/19/7; Chris Paul is better looking then you think, Hornets roll hard in this one, 107-93.

12/7/7 YI!! That's about it, Supes win 98-104 in spite of Redd's 41 pts. on 12-24 shooting.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bruins VsWinter Hawks 11/24/7

Oh man, hockey is so terrible on the television; the NHL playoffs coincide with the NBA' post season and since those hockey games are on satellite channels sports bar are the only place to actually see them. This past spring I'm trying to watch a basketball conference semi-final at the bar but a freakin hockey game is on the big-big screen and to make matters worse during the breaks the NHL plays Time Life record commercials, no joke. However, seeing hockey live is cool, the Portland Winter Hawks have been around for over 30 years and I've been going to games for jeez 15 years. Hawkey is great; seats are cheap, food isn't overpriced, the fans are talkative and these kids play their hearts out. Every year there is a night when after the Hawks score their 1st goal fans throw teddy bears onto the ice, which are then donated to charity. This year over 20k teddys got tossed, hmm.

The 1st goal got called back, it took over 20 minutes for the bears to be cleared off the ice. I was in the 3rd row by the Hawk's bench and was getting lit up by stuffed animals, dude behind me had a plate of nachos and he got cheese and chili all over himself, his date and my flippin chair thanks to an evil teddy bear landing in his dish. So I moved to the only real place to watch a Hawkey game, mid way up behind the goalie(pictured below). From there you can see the plays open up and got a quick exit if the fans get a little to rowdy, joking? So the picture below, dude on the left with the puck shot it then the guy in the middle (can you get a rebound in hockey?) scored off the miss.

Hawk goalie Kurtis Mucha (pictured below, sorta) had a club record 65 stops, saves or whatever. Hawks win 4-3.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bears Vs Hawks 11/18/7

Come the 4th quarter Chicago Bear QB Rex Grossman must of been thinking about his Thanksgiving plans; dinner with the family, get a buzz, watch TV then get to bed and wake up early Friday for some shopping. With 5 and 1/2 minutes left in the game and his team behind a touchdown Grossman fumbled the ball giving the Hawks a win to stay a game ahead in their division. Matt Hasselbeck (pictured below) passed for 300+ yards for the 3rd time this season.

Fans got a free neon green foam thing that wasn't worth taking home, I spent time all over the stadium and can say with ZERO doubt Autzen Stadium in Eugene is MUCH louder than Qwest field. Seattle has a lot to be proud of; the game day atmosphere is electric, the fans wear goofy crap, people get creative with it which is awesome. You can tell there's am overall high football IQ by the chants and the talk in the stands plus the stadium is gorgeous. But you can be ordering a hotdog on the concourse and not know a football game is happening because you dont hear anything. Qwest has some crazy acoustics going, it's a loud stadium, just don't buy into the hype.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

DEE-TROIT V Supes; 11/11/7

Thank you Detroit; in 2004 you prevented Shaq & Kobe from winning another title, made sure Karl Maone never got a ring and scared Gary Payton into thinking he'd never get his. See the difference maker for that team (pictured below), Rasheed Wallace. Sheed joined the '04 Pistons after an illustrious career with the Atlanta Hawks and a pair of All-Star Games and Conference Finals apperances after 8 seasons with Portland.

Pre-Game, Kevin Durant Meet Roscoe; but no eye contact for you.

1st Quarter, The Battle of the Long Arms; Tayshaun Prince goes for the finger roll against Durant, the shot fell making it 14-2, DEE-TROIT BASKETBALL!

1st Quarter, Delonte West; (pictured below) checked in with 4 and 1/2 mintues left in the 1st quarter, the 3rd year guard from St. Joe had a flat night; 19 mins 4pts 5 rebs 4 ast.

1/2 Time, Trying to Work Those Demons Out; Sheed (picture below) must of been having a flashback to the year 2000 circa WCF. Portland could have used one of these bucket in the 4th quarter. Hey, I got the right, that was the last year Mom and I had our share of season tixs and we were supposed to see Portland beat the Knicks in the Finals.

3rd Quarter, The Supes stand in line to get Dunked on by McDyess.

3rd Quarter, former M's hurler and 1 time All-Star Jeff Nelson (pictured below) hopefully with his daughter. Followed by a picture of the Sonic Boom Squad, a break dance group and a crowd favorite. Even if you're not into it you have to respect by the athleticism and the young man in the Durant jersey doing splits.

The Pistons held off Seattle's 4th quarter run and kept them winless on the season. Rip Hamilton had a serious game, 32 pts on 11-21 fgs while McDyess and Sheed put in 15pts each. Durant scored 19 but shot 7-20, trying to get the 1st win PJ did some tweaking to the lineup; Luke Ridnour got the start and you could see the difference right away. The offense got down the floor a lot quicker minus Robert Swift. Fans got a free tin lunch box at the door feauturing Watson (a fat DNP CD), Wilcox (15pts 9 reb), Ridnour (4 pts 7 ast) and Jeff Green (17 pts 8 reb). Random chants of, 'DEE-TROIT BASKETBALL' were heard throughout the game emphasizing the random part like after a missed free throw or a couple Seattle buckets. I did see a dude wearing an Isiah Thomas jersey, which is funny. Zeke was a clown before he screwed the Knicks because MJ hated the dude in the 80s, what more can I say? I saw
Minus the Bear at Showbox Saturday, they opened the doors 1 hr. late, not worth the $ but good venue!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jazz V Supes; 11/9/7

I went to Sport before Friday's game, the place was packed so I had to hover around the bar for a few minutes before I could get a seat. I recommend this place; good service, jambalaya was hearty and Widmer's Hef is on tap. The 4 hi-def TVs overhead weren't managed very well (a game would end and the station wouldn't change) but I was having to good of a time to care or ask to have it changed. In contrast Fox Sports downtown does a really good job of keeping tabs of what's going on their TVs. I left a few minutes before tipoff, realized beer is $7 a cup at Key so my buddy and I stepped into a decent place (for it's location) called Michelangelo's Bistro & Bar, we told the bartender to serve up his favorite shot so he started pouring Kahlua. Me and my friend instantly jump all over the guy but shut up when we figured out he was making us Duck Farts. After we caught ourselves watching the game on TV, we went into Key and I stole a seat down low. During halftime I ordered from the kiddo cart where everything is a buck (hot dog, diet Pepsi and popcorn), tried to take pics all hammered and then watched Carlos Boozer beat the Supes with the lay in pictured below. #2 Delonte West looked real good in the 4th on the defensive end, between him and Jeff Green I like what the Supes got for Ray Allen.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Grizz V Supes; 11/7/7

This was the type of game (see empty seats above) NBA commissioner David Stern hates; a midweek match up in a city where the home team's fans don't give a shit and the visitor's are an irrelevant franchise. The game did have a slight touch of intrigue due to a story I had read earlier in the week quoting Spur's Coach Greg Pop calling the Grizz a playoff team. Then I remembered Damon (Pictured below) still plays for Memphis which led me to think of the last game I saw at the Rose Garden; 2 years ago against Memphis where Damon blew out his knee finishing his season. While I was walking up 3rd Ave to the Seattle Center I hoped I wouldn't be some type of curse on the Wilson High alum, gotta respect Damon in spite of his inability to play D and to light up without getting busted.

Add the free schedule magnet handed out at the door and I felt ok about the cost of my ticket but the snacks in my bag (seeds, Odwalla bar and Gatorade) got me through this dismal game. Turns out the Grizz roll white guys like they play in Utah; Gasol, Miller(20 pts. and 8 reb.), Brian 'The Janitor' Cardinal, Casey Jacobsen and Darko (15 and 10). When I got home I did have to read up on their coach, Marc Iavaroni, I was impressed with his bio and what he did with this team's funky set of talent. The Grizzlies moved the ball well, at times making the extra pass and also had exciting glimpses from stud Rudy Gay (25 and 10).

I did miss the start of the game, saw Rid actually get off the pine and during halftime paid $75 for an 18 year olds autograph (At the team store I bought a Durant mini ball, it's going to go nicely with my Slick Watts mini ball). Walking back to my seat I heard a kid saying Jeff Green gave him an autograph at halftime, now I'm lazy/old and just pay for mine, besides I have no right to get in the way of some kid trying to get an autograph. Speaking of kids one sitting behind me would not shut up, 'Give the ball to KEVIN DURANT!!' (pictured above 3 -17 fgs but 10-10 fts) before I got annoyed I realized that was me how ever many years ago. Old ladies also behind me call Chris Wilcox (21 and 8) weezy, which is not funny and uhh before the game started in the bathroom while trying to wash my hands and finding for the 2nd straight game no soap the dude at the sink next to me realized not only was the soap dispenser empty but it didn't even have a bag of soap in it. I turned to him and said, 'Shit, at least they're leaving' then after he left I took a picture to prove the Sonics have given up and are indeed leaving Seattle;

Friday, November 2, 2007

Suns V Supes; 11/1/7

Kevin Durant; I think he's going to be pretty good and Steve Nash is already good. In his city of Seattle debut Durant, the NBA's youngest player, scored 27 points taking 23 shots and Nash true to form took a couple charges and posted 18 pts 7 rebs and 12 ast. Durant's rookie counterpart Jeff Green (pictured above) scored only 8 points despite hustling on both ends of the floors. The first 10k fans got a free yellow t-shirt that said, 'The Supes are Back' available in 1 size, XL. Everyone else had to wrap the Supe's kitchen ware in newspaper and carefully put the plates and glasses in the free cardboard boxes found behind area liquor stores.

Kid Rock (pictured below) was courtside, for some reason he got a free jersey, I mean come on he's a Pistons fan.

Going into the 4th quarter the Supes led 79-82, the last 2 minutes of the game, Nash (pictured below) scored 6 points and from my cheap seat I could hear the 2 time MVP sing, 'Oh Canada'.