Sunday, November 11, 2007

DEE-TROIT V Supes; 11/11/7

Thank you Detroit; in 2004 you prevented Shaq & Kobe from winning another title, made sure Karl Maone never got a ring and scared Gary Payton into thinking he'd never get his. See the difference maker for that team (pictured below), Rasheed Wallace. Sheed joined the '04 Pistons after an illustrious career with the Atlanta Hawks and a pair of All-Star Games and Conference Finals apperances after 8 seasons with Portland.

Pre-Game, Kevin Durant Meet Roscoe; but no eye contact for you.

1st Quarter, The Battle of the Long Arms; Tayshaun Prince goes for the finger roll against Durant, the shot fell making it 14-2, DEE-TROIT BASKETBALL!

1st Quarter, Delonte West; (pictured below) checked in with 4 and 1/2 mintues left in the 1st quarter, the 3rd year guard from St. Joe had a flat night; 19 mins 4pts 5 rebs 4 ast.

1/2 Time, Trying to Work Those Demons Out; Sheed (picture below) must of been having a flashback to the year 2000 circa WCF. Portland could have used one of these bucket in the 4th quarter. Hey, I got the right, that was the last year Mom and I had our share of season tixs and we were supposed to see Portland beat the Knicks in the Finals.

3rd Quarter, The Supes stand in line to get Dunked on by McDyess.

3rd Quarter, former M's hurler and 1 time All-Star Jeff Nelson (pictured below) hopefully with his daughter. Followed by a picture of the Sonic Boom Squad, a break dance group and a crowd favorite. Even if you're not into it you have to respect by the athleticism and the young man in the Durant jersey doing splits.

The Pistons held off Seattle's 4th quarter run and kept them winless on the season. Rip Hamilton had a serious game, 32 pts on 11-21 fgs while McDyess and Sheed put in 15pts each. Durant scored 19 but shot 7-20, trying to get the 1st win PJ did some tweaking to the lineup; Luke Ridnour got the start and you could see the difference right away. The offense got down the floor a lot quicker minus Robert Swift. Fans got a free tin lunch box at the door feauturing Watson (a fat DNP CD), Wilcox (15pts 9 reb), Ridnour (4 pts 7 ast) and Jeff Green (17 pts 8 reb). Random chants of, 'DEE-TROIT BASKETBALL' were heard throughout the game emphasizing the random part like after a missed free throw or a couple Seattle buckets. I did see a dude wearing an Isiah Thomas jersey, which is funny. Zeke was a clown before he screwed the Knicks because MJ hated the dude in the 80s, what more can I say? I saw
Minus the Bear at Showbox Saturday, they opened the doors 1 hr. late, not worth the $ but good venue!

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