Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jazz V Supes; 11/9/7

I went to Sport before Friday's game, the place was packed so I had to hover around the bar for a few minutes before I could get a seat. I recommend this place; good service, jambalaya was hearty and Widmer's Hef is on tap. The 4 hi-def TVs overhead weren't managed very well (a game would end and the station wouldn't change) but I was having to good of a time to care or ask to have it changed. In contrast Fox Sports downtown does a really good job of keeping tabs of what's going on their TVs. I left a few minutes before tipoff, realized beer is $7 a cup at Key so my buddy and I stepped into a decent place (for it's location) called Michelangelo's Bistro & Bar, we told the bartender to serve up his favorite shot so he started pouring Kahlua. Me and my friend instantly jump all over the guy but shut up when we figured out he was making us Duck Farts. After we caught ourselves watching the game on TV, we went into Key and I stole a seat down low. During halftime I ordered from the kiddo cart where everything is a buck (hot dog, diet Pepsi and popcorn), tried to take pics all hammered and then watched Carlos Boozer beat the Supes with the lay in pictured below. #2 Delonte West looked real good in the 4th on the defensive end, between him and Jeff Green I like what the Supes got for Ray Allen.

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